To help assist with the COVID-19 outbreak measures, we are offering editors 50% off all their DejaEdit licenses until the end of July.

Licensing rates

DejaSoft offers DejaEdit licensing rates with a flexible pricing structure to suit all production budgets.

Taking into consideration that DejaEdit is project-based, each user will only require one license which is valued to cover one editing week at a time. It is also possible to pause the license, so that you only need to pay for the weeks when it was utilized.

Use the DejaSoft Price Calculator to work out an estimate quote for your project.


€89 / user / week

License for user types: Editors, Assistants, VFX Companies
and the DIT.




€129 / week

Connect your Avid Nexis to
the DejaEdit workflow.
(unlimited users on Avid Nexis)

Advanced Management

€99 / project

Using DejaEdit-Manager you can:
Manage media folders and ranges.
Lock license keys to UUID.
Download Avid project backups.

Cloud storage provided by DejaSoft

€59 / TB / month

Media can either be in your own S3 bucket (AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze or MinIO) or using the DejaSoft Cloud server.



We recommend training on the first project.
This includes 2 hours of online training.

Workflow consultation


This includes 2 hours of workflow consultation, so that you can integrate DejaEdit in the most effective way within your current workflow.


For larger projects or yearly contracts please contact

DejaEdit Price Estimator

For larger projects or yearly contracts please contact