Whats is DejaViewer?

Dejaviewer is a system for watching videos, like dailies and edit previews. The videos are either located on the DejaViewer server or on a local On-Set server.

With the free DejaViewer App for iPhone and Ipad you always have your footage and films at your fingertips. Your crew and clients can keep up to date. There is also a free version of Dejaviewer for Mac OSX.

The requirements are low, you need minimum a 3G connection. The system has been used on several Features and TV-series with good results.

The videos can be watched, but not downloaded, so you won’t have any old versions floating around.

You can also watch the videos on a TV if you have access to an AppleTV since there is support for Airplay.


On Set

The On-Set server can be rented for use on set. The DIT can put the dailies directly onto the server and the crew can watch them on the provided WIFI network that comes with the server.

Easy to use

The system is very easy to use. You only need to enter project, username and your password. Every project can have several users and if you have more then one project the same username can be used for several projects.

Videos can be uploaded to the Dejaviewer server using FTP. As soon as the video is uploaded it can be watched using one of the players. The DejaViewer server automatically creates thumbnails so it’s easier to find the clip you want to watch.


Codec and upload

The media is uploaded via ftp to the server.

Video files must be in Quicktime files using the h.264 codec.
Audio files can be wav or mp3.
Documents must be PDF.

Recommended codec:
video: h.264 – 1.8 Mb
audio: AAC 128 kb


What you pay for is the server. The account includes 100GB of storage (ca. 100h of HD video) and 5 users. Please contact us for a quote or trial.

The DejaViewer app is downloaded for free from the App Store or Mac App Store.