DejaEdit requires an account on the DejaEdit server.

Watch the “Install and Setup” video on the Tutorials page.

Download the latest version below. Read release history here.


Manual DejaEdit-Client 2.0


Manual DejaEdit-Nexis 2.0


There are 2 version of the player, one for iOS and one for macOS. These players are free, but you need an account on the DejaViewer server or DejaViewer OnSet server to use them.


Note! On some systems DejaViewer for Mac must be restarted after the first login.

Version 1.2 – Added search and download.
Version 1.1 – Added support for PDF files


There are 2 versions, one for iPhone and one for iPad.
These can be downloaded from the App Store.

Version 1.3 – Added support for PDF files
Version 1.2 – Added support for thumbnails