DejaEdit is a collaborative editing solution for Avid Media Composer and Avid Nexis. Media and timelines are automatically transferred between you and your co-workers around the world without the need to be online at all time.

There are two levels of DejaEdit, Client and Assistant.


The media is sent to our server by the DIT / Edit Assistent via an encrypted internet connection. The media is then transfered to each edit-suite that is setup with DejaEdit. The system supports up to 20 edit stations.

Since the media and bins are transferred to a local disk in each location you can continue to edit even when the internet is not connected.

The system works both ways, so if an editor imports a file it will automatically be synced to the server, and then of course to all other edit-suites.


With DejaEdit-Assistant you can connect an Avid Nexis to the DejaEdit workflow. The Editing stations connected to the Avid Nexis don’t need any additional software installed, just Avid Media Composer. They can be both Mac and Windows.

There are two different licenses for DejaEdit-Assistant, Full and Push.

Full license – You get all the functionality of DejaEdit. The Avid project on the Nexis is just like any other edit station. All media and metadata is exchanged between all edit stations, both on the Nexis and outside.

Push license – Allows media and metadata to be pushed from the DIT to the Avid Nexis. This can be used when you want the media to quickly get from set to the Nexis environment.


The setup is easy. The server side is handled by us and we provide you with a register key for each edit-suite with all settings.

Watch the “Install and Setup” video on the Tutorials page. (This video shows 1.2)

Media Sync

The Media is synced when DejaEdit starts, if “Enable Auto-Transfer” is selected in Preferences.

After the initial sync, DejaEdit will look for new media once an hour. It will also send media created by the editor to the server.

When the Media Sync is done the editor will be notified if there is new media. Selecting “Sync” makes the media available in Media Composer.

The media transfer can be initiated with the “Force MediaSync” function available from the DejaEdit menu in case the editor needs new media within the hour.

Avid Media Composer folders

DejaEdit creates folders inside the Avid Media Composer project which was selected during setup. You find these in the “DejaEdit” folder. If you have a Push license you will only get the Source folder.

This is where the DIT or Master Editor creates bins with the rushes.

Each editor has and Outbox where they can create bins to share clips and sequences with the other editors in the project.

These bins are automatically synced.

The Inbox folder will be created once an editor shares a bin in their Outbox. A subfolder will be created in the Inbox, so you can see who shared the bin.

Instead of exporting a QuickTime or mp4 and sending it to the director who is on set you can use DejaEdit’s “ToSet” bin.

In this folder the editor can create bins that will be sent to the DIT station.

DejaEdit-Assistant just sends the sequence metadata since all media already is at the DIT station, including everything imported by the editors.

Each edit-suite owns one transfer bin where the editor can put sequences and clips that are transfered to all other edit-suites.

This is also where the editor can find sequences and clips that are shared by the other editors.

These bins are automatically synced once every 5 minutes.

Watch the “Import and Editing” video on the Tutorials page, which describes Media Sync, Transfer Bins and ToSet Bin in more detail. (This video is for version 1.2. Since then the Folders have changed)

LUT files

LUT files placed in the Avid Project’s LUTs folder will be transfered to all other edit-suites.

Avid project backup

Each night the whole Avid project will be backed up to the server, just to give extra security. It can also be backed up with “Force Project Backup” from the DejaEdit menu.


Is DejaEdit available for Windows?
– Not at the moment.


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